10 Ways I Want to Be Like My Mom

Now that I am a Mom I try to reflect on some of the ways I want to be like my mother. As a child I didn’t always appreciate my Mom, but now that I am older I am able to see where she things from her point of view.

Mom Lessons

  1. My Mom was always honest.  She never tried to pretend that she was perfect.
  2. My Mom always made time to listen to my concerns.  I usually didn’t want to share, but I knew that she was available if and when I wanted her to listen.
  3. My Mom always told me that I was smart. There were days when I had no clue what was going on in Geometry, but my Mom encouraged me to keep trying until I figured it out.  She always seemed confident that I would arrive at the right answer eventually.
  4. My Mom treated other people the way she wanted to be treated. She lived the golden rule.
  5. My Mom stuck to her rules.  Mom’s rules never changed. Even rules that I thought were “crazy,” and made no sense never changed. Her house and her rules, helped me maintain consistency in my own life.
  6. My Mom loved me even when I made mistakes. Love was a word my Mom used sparingly; instead she expressed it through her steadfastness and open mind.
  7. My Mom sacrificed many things she wanted so that I could have a good education.
  8. My Mom was always my biggest fan.  She adored my writing, always showcased my artwork, and loved bragging about me to her friends.
  9. I always knew my Mom cared about what I was doing. My Mom had a third eye, which was always on me.  No matter where I was, my Mom seemed to know without me telling her.
  10. My Mom wasn’t the greatest cook, but introduced me to healthy fruits and vegetables that didn’t need a lot of preparation to taste good.

I wrote this post my first year of blogging and it will always be a timeless reminder to always remember my Mother’s love.

*The video enclosed was created by Markus Allen and Jim McKinney from http://www.fetch123.com

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