Super #Mom

Photographer: Rob Wiltshire,

Without a second thought, a 29 year old mother of five comes to mind.  Her children are at the center of her heart.  Her love and devotion to them is infinite.  She knows how to cure a cough, sooth a tummy ache, restore courage, calm the frightened, crown a princess, instate a knight, and make time for herself too.

She’s young, but she is the epitome of a supermom.  Her children are leaders at their extra curricular activities and in the classroom too.  They are polite and compassionate to others. They adore their mother more than anyone else.

Her dedication and fearless attitude is contagious to other mothers that she encounters. While out in public, others are in awe at how well behaved her children are. She is hardworking and intelligent. Her strength, to take the good from all situations dealt her way, is admirable. As I grow as a mother, I try to glean from her knowledge and I aspire to care for my children as well as she does for her own.

She is a mother well loved.

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