You Are Whole

You Are Whole

To the women and girls who will never meet your dad, you are already whole. Whenever I hear a story about a girl reuniting with her long lost father that she never knew I get chills. I didn’t have any ...
Diversity and Inclusion is A Top Priority

Diversity and Inclusion is a Top Priority #diphilly

Norman Jenkins, founder, President, and CEO of Capstone Development, which acquires hospitality real estate associated with international lodging brands, was awarded the 2019 Lodging Magazine Diversity & Inclusion Award. He told the audience a story during the awards ceremony highlighting ...
Co-ops and Support Episode 5 of the CleverlyChanging Podcast

Homeschool Co-ops and Support

History (0:20) Episode 5 is all about cooperation. In the ancient nation of Kush, trade was an avenue of cooperation among the people. While the cultural significance of the history of Kush doesn’t have a direct tie-in, I chose this ...