Homeschooling and Dual Enrollment Lesson 72

Episode 72 of the Cleverly Changing Podcast with Guest Shaun Taylor the Homeschool Guru

Three top reasons to listen and share this episode about homeschool dual enrollment.

1. Have you ever wondered how parents of multiples teach all of their children and work too? Shaun Taylor, today’s guest has three businesses and three children and is able to make it work.

2. How are parents teaching their high school level children? Tune in and hear real examples of how one family is teaching her students in upper grades.

3. What does it take to attend high school and community college at the same time? Tune in and find out how dual enrollment works for high school students.

Something to Explore:

At the beginning of each episode we like to share something about the continent of Africa that you can research later. Today’s episode encourages listeners to explore the agriculture in Africa with your child. Growing up the pictures that were plastered on TV showed Africa as mostly dry desert lands, but the entire continent is not dry. In fact, Africa is rich in minerals such as oil, copper, gold, diamonds, platinum and agricultural produce such as corn, coffee, wheat and fruits. Almost 65% of all Africans work in the agricultural sector.

African Proverb 

When the door is closed, you must learn to slide across the crack of the sill. ~Yoruba Proverb

Word of the Episode

Sango Nini means “What’s new” and is a from Lingala a language spoken in the Congo. 

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Episode 72 Homeschooling and Dual Enrollment with Cleverly Changing Podcast Guest, Shaun Taylor, the Homeschool Guru.

Grown Folks Section

During this episode we spoke with Shaun Taylor who is a mom of three. Shaun’s homeschoolers are in high school and middle school so sit back listen and glean knowledge from learning about her homeschool journey.

Shaun Taylor is from Texas and is known as the Homeschool Guru. She specializes in helping families find their “Taylor Made Homeschooling” journey! She is also a Amazon Best-Selling author of the books:

  1. How to Transition to Homeschooling
  2. African American Homeschooling: Why We Homeschool 
  3. Mompreneurs & African American Families

Although based in Texas, technology allows her to connect with families around the globe. Her goal is to guide families forward in their homeschooling journey using her knowledge, experience, wisdom, and vision. Lastly, she fully understands that homeschooling doesn’t look the same for everyone, and is passionate about helping each family find their own Taylor Made fit!

Mentioned in the conversation

Connect with Shaun Taylor about her homeschool dual enrollment experience

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