Elle’s Homeschool Transition Lesson 67

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We’re kicking off the fourth season with real updates on how Elle’s homeschool journey is changing. After seven years, things are looking a lot different for her. Tune in and listen to her new chapter, which reveals how her families’ homeschool transition is going.

Today’s African Proverb

“Rain does not fall on one roof alone.”  this proverb is from Cameroon.

Word of the Episode

Sango nini means what’s new in Lingala.

We're kicking off the fourth season with real updates on how Elle's homeschool journey is changing.

Grown Folks

For our season four opener, Elle is giving us a peek into her life. Her girls have been homeschooled all of their lives and now that they are 13 years old, they’re experiencing what traditional school is like. Elle and her husband find themselves navigating traditional education during the pandemic, including virtual schooling and hybrid learning. You’ll also find out how the girls are handling the changes and discovering new aspects of themselves. Elle is taking on new and different projects with her children being in traditional school and her husband is an excellent team player. You’ll hear what’s different and what hasn’t really changed all that much in this update. We hope that hearing her journey gives you encouragement or spawns new ideas on how you can improve or alter your homeschoooling path.  

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