Let’s Talk About Stress and SCD

Peer support SCD Companion App Event with Author Elle Cole July 26 at 6pm ET

STRESS is a word we all can relate to, but for those who are patients or caregivers stress can have a greater impact. With back to school season around the corner and the lingering pandemic we need to take sometime to unpack the upcoming year together. Let’s talk about stress and SCD so we can support each other and ensure better outcomes.

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Stress and SCD Event

The conversation will be fun, so I hope to see you July 26, 2021 at 6pm EST / 5pm CST / 4pm MST / 3pm PST.

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Sickle Cell Disease is still prevalent

Recently, I was talking to someone and I shared that I write books for children with Sickle Cell Disease. The person then shared that they didn’t realize that sickle cell disease was still around. I totally wish that it had be eradicated long ago, but the genetic disorder is not only around, people living with it are still suffering greatly and their families are living with the daily reality of the disease.

As a result, I am still dedicating my life to raising awareness to make a difference in the outcomes available to people like my daughter who battle with the symptoms that can be debilitating. The key to making this disease disappear from our community is to speak up and let others know that sickle cell disease needs more research, funding, and conversations that will change the future. SCD is not contagious, but it continues to multiply throughout our communities because people who carry the sickle cell trait are usually unaware of their status. Together let’s be the change and let others know that SCD needs a universal cure. Let us also support those who are living with the disease.

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