The Most Scenic Travel Destinations in the USA

Are you the type of person that values beautiful landscapes? Do the views leave you in awe? If you can answer yes, then  consider focusing your next traveling experience on the natural beauty found in the US. Definitely start planing now and narrowing down, sites you’d like to see. Today’s post mentions some of the USA’s most scenic travel destinations. From canyons to parks to lakes to mountains, the U.S. has it all, and it’d be a shame for you not to explore at least some of these natural treasures in your lifetime.

To find out where you should go specifically in your adventure to unearth America’s most scenic travel destinations, make sure to read on.

Antelope Canyon is about 2 hrs away from the Grand Canyon


Antelope Canyon is about 2 hrs away from the Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon is about 2 hrs away from the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon, Arizona

When talking about the USA’s most scenic destinations, can you start anywhere other than The Grand Canyon? Not only is it regarded as one of America’s most famous landmarks in general, but it is also seen as being one of the world’s greatest natural treasures, too, making it an area that should rank highly on your list of places to visit if you want to see a truly beautiful landscape. It’s beautiful and impressive from every angle, too, whether you hike it, ride in a helicopter above it, or raft along its floor.

Located in Utah, Bruce Canyon is a beautiful travel destination in the US

Bruce Canyon is a beautiful travel destination in the USA

Bryce Canyon, Utah

If it’s a striking landscape that you want to feast your eyes upon, then you should be looking no further than the Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah when you come to planning your next scenic trip. Here, you’ll see a collection of stone pinnacles like none you will find anywhere else in the world, let alone in America — the most mesmerizing of all the views here can be found at southern Bryce Point. There are plenty of opportunities to find bed and breakfast near Bryce Canyon, too, meaning your stay in this part of the U.S. can be both awe-inspiring and comfortable.

Yosemite CA is a beautiful travel destination in the USA


Yosemite, California

Widely regarded as being the world’s most dramatic geographical spectacle, Yosemite really is a place all landscape lovers should be heading to. Here, you’ll find rock formations that’ll make you question ‘How do they sit like that?’ Also, you’ll discover hiking trails here that will carry you through true American forests — you’ll be able to cool off in pools of water that have trickled down from the mountains above for centuries after your hike, as well, which will only add to your experience.

Crater Lake, Oregon is a wonderful scenic travel destination in the US

Crater Lake, Oregon is a wonderful family scenic travel destination in the US

Crater Lake, Oregon

If you find yourself looking for 53 square kilometers of breathtaking views, then Crater Lake is the place for you. The blue waters here reflect the snow-topped cliffs above, making this a place that wouldn’t look out of place in Narnia during the winter time. If you find yourself feeling a bit adventurous during your visit, you can try scuba diving into the 2000ft-deep crater.

Despite everything that might be going on in regards to politics and economics in the USA today, this country still has, and will always have, a beautiful landscape. So, whether you live in America or not, make sure you the beautiful scenic travel destinations while you still can.



*photos in this post were provided by Pixabay.

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