Life Rewarded: A Challenge to Parents

Life Rewarded: A Challenge to Parents

Nine years ago, I wanted to be a mom. And I remember thinking about how much I wanted to have kids who would impact the world positively. After 3 years of marriage, my husband and I were doubly blessed to bring home two little precious daughters. The early years with twins were the most challenging. However, the lack of sleep, feeding around the clock, and diaper changes are almost all a blur now.

Now I have two beautiful young ladies who shower me with hugs and kisses. Each day they are growing to become more intelligent than the day before. If you’re a parent or an auntie or uncle I’m sure you have concerns about the future of the kids in your life. If we do our part to help set their foundation, then we will not need to worry. While I want them to achieve many goals, more than any other life reward I want my children to understand that to live fully is to live in love.

Life Rewarded: A Challenge to Parents

Love Life

Basically, I want my daughters to be in love with life: effervescent, vivacious, excited. I want my girls to understand that passion in life will keep them grounded but give also give them joy. In my opinion, the greatest gift that this life has to offer is love. Love is a complex emotion that continuously requires a person to act. Love isn’t easily explained. I’m not talking about romance, but a joy that frees the self-conscious and allows a person to obtain freedom and peace of mind with being different. Love provides an internal compass that motivates and compels a person to act. Although I want them to have love to do and become all that they were created to be, I also want them to love to be.

Love self

Thus, self-awareness and mental health are very important. Teaching children to understand that their life has value is just as important as teaching him or her to brush her teeth. Their very state-of-being can be questioned by society at large, but when a person has meaning that grows daily he or she can’t help but feel validated and needed. While my children are young, I want to validate them. I want to encourage them, not to fulfill my own broken dreams, but to fulfill their greatest desires. I don’t equip them for greatness just through verbal praise and critique, no, readiness for greatness comes from learning how to persevere through challenges. 

Life Rewarded: A Challenge to Parents

The Challenge To Parents

Below is a challenge to parents who want to live a life rewarded by living in love.

  1. Today and every day speak positive words to affirm your children
  2. Apologize when you have done wrong. Teaching children how to admit their mistakes first comes from us parents.
  3. Let love drive you to act positively. It can be hard for a person to recognize his or her passions but taking the time to find out what they are is one of the greatest ways to find real fulfillment.
  4. The golden rules still ring’s true. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Thus, children should learn to love themselves so they, in turn, will be able to love others.
  5. Live like every day is your last. Which means do what you love.



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