House of Doolittle Notebook and Planner Review

House of Doolittle Doodle Notes Notebook and Meeting Planner Review

When 2017 entered, I wanted to take my blog to the next level and focus more on monetizing. In order for me to stay true to my goals, the first mode of action I needed to take was to get organized. I accepted this review from Shoplet because I knew that both the meeting planner and doodle notebook from House of Doolittle would come in handy. Here are five changes I’ve made to make sure I’d be more productive.

Five Ways to Get Organized

  1. Write down a daily to-do list.
  2. De-clutter.
  3. Write down thoughts and future ideas.
  4. Schedule tasks using phone or tablet so an alert or reminder would appear when the deadline approached.
  5. Take pictures to help purge papers.

Review of House of DoLittle meeting planner and doodle notebook

House of Doolittle Doodle Notebook for thought and future content

House of Doolittle Doodle Notes Review

The House of doolittle doodle notes notebook has aided me in my goal to get organized because I can keep this notebook in my purse. It’s light-weight and I can take it with me everywhere I go. While out, I jot down new post ideas and content as they come to mind.


House of Dolittle Doodle Notes Review

The notebook has plenty of space and I can even use the colorful margin to write notes if I need to add additional information. I also love that the last few pages are line-free so i can add pictures of staple receipts to the pages as needed. The only feature I wish it had, is a folder pocket.

House of Doolittle Meeting Planner for organizing meetings and action items

My favorite feature from the House of Doolittle meeting planner is the line for action items. In addition, I feel environmentally conscious when I use it because the planner is made from recycled paper. Moreover, this is a great planner for anyone who has a lot of meetings or any entrepreneur trying to organize to be more accountable.

House of Dolittle Meeting Planner Review

Reader Question: What’s your favorite planner or organization tool?

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