7 Tips to Choosing a Salon that Meets Your Beauty Needs

hair salons and beauty needs

Finding a salon to go to for your beauty needs like hair and/or nail appointments is an important decision to make. As you might imagine, going to the wrong hairdresser or nail technician could leave you looking less than attractive. If you’ve ever done research on consumer review sites, you’ve likely heard the horror stories of bad hairstyles and poor nail treatment. Therefore, trial and error is not the best way to go.

Below are a few tips on how to choose a salon that will fulfill your beauty needs

  1. Ask Aroundhair-193380_640

There is nothing better than getting a reference from someone you know. Ask friends, relatives, and even coworkers where they go to get their hair and nails done. Obviously, you’d ask those who have similar style to yours or styles you’re interested in getting. If you can, try to get at least three recommendations so you can do a bit more research.

  1. Schedule a Consultation to Help Personalize Your Beauty Needs

Even if you trust the personal reference, it is imperative that you do your due diligence before making a switch to a salon. To get a better idea of what the shop can offer you based on your beauty needs, you’ll want to schedule a consultation with the salon owner and/or the hairdresser you’re most interested in.

  1. Take a Tour

While you’re there for your consultation make sure that you take a tour of the place. The layout, cleanliness, and decor of a salon can tell you a lot about what to expect. Does the salon have top of the line tools and equipment to use or are they old and dated? Are the walls plain and boring, or are they more up to date with features like wallpaper murals with pretty prints and patterns? Are the work stations, bathrooms, and surrounding areas clean, or is there a lot of hair and other products lying around?

  1. How Are You Treated?

From the time you make an appointment for a consultation to the moment you arrive and take the tour, how are you being treated? Are the staff professional and attentive to your needs? Or are they very aloof

and unprofessional? When you’re pampering yourself, you want treatment with respect. Pay attention to the environment, how staff behaves, how other patrons interact, and most important how you’re treated. If you find that it is less than professional and accommodating, this is not a place you want to go to treat yourself.

  1. How Long is the Wait?

When you scheduled your consultation, were you seen in a timely fashion or did you have to wait a while? This is important because you want a salon that is going to value your time as a customer. Imagine scheduling a hair or nail appointment and sitting for hours at a time? This is not the type of service you want.

  1. Are the Technicians Trained, Licensed, and Certified?

Yes, there are some talented people who have no formal training that can style hair and nails without an issue, however, when it comes to your personal beauty care, you want a professional who knows their stuff. As you sit for your consultation, be sure to ask what formal training and education each of the employees has to make sure that you’re in the hands of professionals.

  1. Can The Stylist Accommodate Your Beauty Needs?

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If you’re there for a new hair stylist for instance, what recommendations do they have for treating your hair? If your hair is damaged, what ideas do they have to repair it?  What other beauty services do they offer that you can take advantage of? In order to develop a long-term relationship with the shop you want make sure they can accommodate your needs now and in the future.

Whether your old salon has relocated, you’ve moved to a new place, or you’re just looking for a change it is important not to just walk into the first salon you see. Ask for recommendations, schedule a consultation, check out the surroundings, and take heed to the customer service. If you feel comfortable with a salon, be sure to do a few test runs with basic appointments to see if they get it right. 


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