7 Loc Maintenance Tips

Braided Loc Pony-tail

Have you ever wanted to grow locs? Have you ever wondered, what is loc maintenance? Many people have said to me I want locs, but I don’t want to commit because I like to wear my hair in different styles. Locs are actually extremely versatile. In fact, this is my 4th week showing my readers a new easy-to-do loc style. Most of the styles take about 5 minutes or less to achieve. To see the styles visit my youtube channel and please subscribe.

Long loc styles - Here is an example of a loc style, I did, where only the edges are twisted - Cleverly Changing
Here is an example of a loc style, I did, where only the edges are twisted.

7 Loc Maintenance Tips


  1. Wash your hair. Locs achieve their form from the presence of water helping to intertwine the hair together. For course 4c hair, locs will form easier than if your hair is straight. If you have loose curls it will take your locs longer to form. In fact, in the early stages it is not uncommon for your coils to unravel.
  2. Use spray leave in conditioner only. Hair mayonnaise like the one from You Be-Natural is perfect for naturals with loose hair; however, it is not an ideal product for locs. Thick conditioners can get inside locs and cause odors and build up. However, I use the conditioner on my daughters’ hair and it helps soften their natural tresses.
  3. Moisturize your scalp. A light jojoba, almond, or coconut oil are perfect on your scalp and won’t weigh down your hair. The moisturizer will keep your scalp from becoming dry or flaky. Get to know your hair and watch how long it takes for your scalp to become dry. Typically reapply a moisturizer to your scalp every 3 days if you have dry scalp, if you don’t you can go a bit longer.
  4. Retwist your locs. Don’t over twist too often. Once a month should suffice for a whole-head retwist. Although I wash my hair biweekly, I only twist the edges and then try to find a protective hair style like the one pictured. If you work in a professional setting, I recommend that you do protective styles where only the edges have to be retwisted. Not twisting your hair often is important; especially if your hair is thin because overtime your locs will began to thin. Thinning locs become brittle and break. There are different ways to retwist, but the two most popular methods are: palm roll, the method I use most often, where you twist the hair in the same direction from the scalp and roll your hands down each loc to help tame frizz and keep the loc bound together. The second method is interlock. This method uses a crocheting needle to stitch the new hair growth together, binding the hair. Interlocking lasts longer than palm rolling, so you won’t need to get it your hair retwisted as often. 
  5. Style your locs. Protective styles help keep the hair from requiring everyday maintenance. Lots of maintenance can pull locs and put stress on the hair. Remember to shy away from salons that will want to use thread to style your hair, it will be very hard to get the thread out so stay clear of salons that don’t promote healthy natural hair habits.
  6. Wrap your locs at night. Use a satin scarf or bonnet to keep lint from common bed sheets from shedding onto your hair. Wrapping your hair is also great at night to help keep the moisture.
  7. Watch what you wear. In the 11 years I’ve had locs, this is one of my most important tips. If you want to keep your hair looking clean, watch the clothes you wear. I have the most problem with thick sweaters in the winter. Many sweaters shed and you don’t want lint balls in your hair. Therefore, it is imperative when you wear clothes that have the potential to shed, wear an updo.

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Loc Maintenance

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7 Loc "Dreadlock" Maintenance Tips #naturalhair #tips - Cleverly Changing

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