Manage Monday: Sanitizing Your House

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Last week, I started sanitizing various surfaces and things we use in our house.  I started with the garbage disposal which was grossly overdue. Here are some of my basic tips for sanitizing your house with Clorox. Now is a perfect time to start!

I use Clorox bleach to:
Sanitize the garbage disposal and sinks.

I fill the sink half-way with water. Then I add about a half cup of Clorox bleach, and then I let it sit for a while.  Next, I rinse the sink and watch it shine.

Sanitize counter-tops, tubs, toilets, children’s toys, highchairs, our refrigerator, all kitchen appliances etc.

I mix water in a spray bottle with bleach. I follow the directions on my Clorox container and spray and wipe, then I rinse and wipe again with plain water.

Please note, I only place Clorox on surfaces that will not fade from my use of bleach. In addition, I keep separate rags for like items so that they won’t spread extra germs.

Sanitize our garbage cans as often as I can, which is about once a week to keep their odors and bacteria down.

I usually sit the garbage cans outside and let them soak overnight.  I mix about 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water, but this is based on my garbage can’s size.

Sanitize doorknobs, dish racks, light switches, and our tooth brush containers weekly as well and more frequently if someone has been ill.

I usually use a spray designated Clorox bottle that I purchased at the dollar store. I mix about 3/4 cup of Clorox with about a gallon of water if the bottle is that large, if not I use the same proportions, but less.

I try to go through the entire house every couple of months or so; each week I do a different room and the items that are used the most. Sanitizing my children’s items is the most important to me because they are used the most. Clorox mixed with water helps get rid of a lot of germs that spread around your house.  Clorox is also great for getting rid of mold and mildew.  Also be careful not to mix Clorox bleach with other cleaning solutions because it can create harmful gases that are dangerous for a person to breathe.

If you have any sanitizing tips, please share. I look forward to hearing your comments.


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