Review and Giveaway: Avery Easy Align Self-Laminating ID Labels

Avery Self Laminating Labels #Review #AdIt’s organizing season and little-by-little I’m getting every room in order. The rooms that are the most challenging in my home are shared areas such as our garage, office, and classroom. Although I do most of the organizing in my home, my kids and husband also use these areas as well. If they are not sure where to put an item clutter and out-of-place items can easily cause a huge mess. One way to help us work together is to label all of our containers and many of our personal belongings.

For years, I have labeled different containers with regular sticky paper labels only to find out that within a few months the label wore away or faded. Recently, I found a solution that is working more effectively: Avery’s Easy Align Self-Laminating ID labels. The labels are water, UV, and Tear Resistant below are a few reasons i recommend giving Avery’s labels a try.


  1. Provides a clean finish.
  2. Easy to use, but you have sign-into to gain access to their templates.
  3. At the time of this post, there were 17 (pre-made) templates to choose from. However, you can quickly customize your own within their system. Avery will also allow you to save your template within your account online or directly on your computer.
  4. Works with hand written labels as well.
  5. Great for small jobs. However if I had to laminate a large project I’d still use a traditional laminating machine because each protective cover needs to be removed separately if you want to make sure they are neat and adhere correctly.
  6. Saves time if you are only laminating a few things at a time. I like this (Avery 00757) option best for file folders, book labels, packaging labels, container labels, and shelf labels, so this model will definitely work well in any office, home, or classroom setting.

Things to keep in mind

  1. My best advice about these labels is definitely PRINT A TEST PAGE FIRST. If you print a test page you can easily see how the page will print on your label.
  2. The entire label page needs to go through your printer in order for the label to print on the Avery sheets. Therefore it is important not to fold or peel the plastic on the right which exposes the adhesive before you print.
  3. I also recommend that you take advantage of their online template. The template would allow to print 1 full sheet of all the same labels or print each label as I show you within this post.
  4. I’d only load 1 label sheet in my printer (just as instructed) at a time. The sheets are thick and include the laminating plastic so if you are using a small home printer it is best not to put a large quantity in your machine so the plastic won’t get stuck.
  5. Again, small projects are best for these labels because the instructions recommend that after 25 sheets, you will need to let your printer cool for 20 minutes before you print the rest.

Yay or Nay?

Overall, I recommend this product? Yes, just keep in mind the tips provided and these labels will work well.

My Top Projects Using This Product

Garage Organization

I have a few plastic containers  I’ve been recycling, these containers are clear so it is easy to see their contents. The small (Avery 00757) labels allow me to put just enough information classify the contents.

Book Identification Labels

Do you have any books that you want to hold on too? Do you want to make sure that they are clearly labeled? If so these labels work well for book identification. I like them because we check out a lot of library books for my kids and these labels help us clearly see which books we own.

Label Electronic Devices

Do you take your personal items outside your home? If so, label them so that you can easily show which items are your property. However, these labels can be quickly removed so they will in no way deter theft.

There tons of other uses for these labels, please leave a comment and let me know what you would use these labels for. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below.

Avery Self Laminating Labels #Giveaway and #ReviewEnter Win Avery’s Self Laminating Labels

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