5 Reasons Why You Need A Vision Board

Vision Board Ideas - Why you need to create a #visionboard this year

During my first post of the New Year, I shared the most important lessons I learned from the previous year. As it turns out,  those lessons just happened to occur, they were not guided or orchestrated by any type of focus or plan that I brought to the table. However, this year, I am determined to take my life one step further and have a vision in place. Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” The most important change that I am making this year is to carry out my visual plans, so I can fulfill my dreams. In order to make my vision plain, I decided to create a vision board.

Why a vision board? Well, below are 5 reasons why I decided that a vision board will provide me with the motivation I need to realize my dreams.

1. A Vision Board Helps Clarify your Goals

It is important to have attainable goals that can actually be reached, rather than simple thoughts that cannot become tangible results. When you take a few moments to ponder what you want out of your week, month, year, and life, it is then much easier to plan small tasks to help you get where you need to be. Additionally, some studies suggest that if people change their terminology from New Years’ resolutions and call them goals instead, they will have a better chance of following through. The vision board is the root of where your goal will begin.

2. It Provides A Visual Plan

A vision board acts as a constant reminder that you can view each day to help you remember what path you need to follow in order to achieve your goals. Growing up, my older sister use to chant in the morning before she went to High School, “If you think it, you can believe it, if you can see it, you can achieve it.” Yes, my sister said it around me first, even before Oprah. Empowered, she went on to become class president, track star, and she won many scholarships to college. She is also the person who first introduced me to vision boards. Seeing her successfully fulfill her dreams helped me recognize the importance of having a visual plan.

3. The Board Requires That You Think Before You Act

If you’re in the habit of being spontaneous and your life is turning out way better than you could have ever imagined, then you may not need to make changes. However, for the rest of us, we may need to set up a visual guideline to follow. Ask yourself, “Am I satisfied with the way my life is right now? Is God requiring more from my life? Am I capable of doing better? Once you have answers for these questions, dream bigger!

Oremedy.com is a resource for how to organize your life. The site gives readers a great starting place on how to visualize.

how-to-visualize4. It Becomes Your Road Map

The vision will not only become a road map it will also help reduce depression, idleness, and lack of concentration. Chief Activator, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Spokesperson, writes that when we create our vision board, “the more specific you are the better. Pick images that will trigger an emotion into an action. This year we want to be successful, so we need to be specific, honest, and create the steps we need to take.

5. A Vision Board Can Provide You with A Sense of Accountability

In order to be successful, you may also need to let others know a few of your goals so they can help you stay on track. The vision board acts as a visual accountability board so that you can check off tasks as you fulfill them and goals as you achieve them. Heather Serody from the blog Big Girl Life writes a great tutorial about how to create a vision board. Now you know why you need a vision board. Ready? On your mark, get set. Go!

Reader response: How will your vision board help motivate you into action this year?


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