8 Cool Budget-Friendly Back to School Supplies

Shoplet Sanders Supplies Back to School Review

I reviewed 8 back to school supplies from Shoplet.com. We love back to school time in our home, and taking an opportunity to find safe and affordable supplies is important to me. As you may have noticed, kids are hard on their school supplies so finding items that can stand up to the challenge is hard. However, I am happy to share the 8 supplies mentioned below because I believe they will be great for kids. I have 3 main standards from which I measure school supplies against which are:

  1. durability
  2. Easy for kids to use without help
  3. Completely functional

All 8 Back to School Supplies below met these 3 standards and more

SlimMate Storage Clipboard

SlimMate Storage Clipboard | $10.08

This clipboard is great for kids to use at home or on the go. The thick (Polypropylene) plastic gives the clipboard longevity and is the source of its durability. The clip is secure and easy for a child to lift and add paper. The clipboard also has a storage compartment that can hold, markers, crayons, workbooks, glue, pencils, etc. The interior is about a 1/2″ thick. We have already put the SlimMate to the test on our first summer road trip and it still looks like new, even though it was handled by two 5-year-old kids.

 Back to School Supplies: Recycled Clipboard

Recycled Clipboard | $1.08

It’s always great to use office supplies that are environmentally friendly, which one characteristic we look for first as a family that is trying to be sustainably responsible. The mini clipboard is great to keep in the car or have on hand to occupy your children when you need to run errands and bring them along. My kids used it to play a travel bingo game in the car and I loved it because it kept their papers contained and I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up papers after our trip. I also use it, for my things to do or grocery shopping list.


Shoplet UHU Glue Stic

Glue Stic | $1.01

Perfect for class and craft projects. This week we make a fourth of July crafts and the glue dried quickly on the paper without drying out.


Shoplet Glue Style Pen


Shoplet Glue Style Pen (Small Tip)
Shoplet Glue Style Pen (Small Tip)

Glue Style Pen | $2.66

Out of all 8 supplies this is one of my favorite supplies for projects. I am not sure why glue can get so messy with kids, but this glue pen helps reduce the mess. With my young children this pen was perfect for them to use on their own. It allowed them to have more control over the glue as it was spread on their paper. The opening is medium small, but the flow is easy with a slight squeeze.


UHU tac_PuttyUHU Tac HomeDeco  | $2.66

This week, I am starting to organize our homeschool room again. I use the UHU Tac HomeDeco to place their artwork on the walls and behind our reusable calendar. I laminated the calendar pieces so I can just add a little putty to the numbers so that I can make changes when necessary without a mess.


UHU Tac Propower  and UHU Tac Adhesive Putty

The best feature about the Office Stationary: UHA Tac propower and UHA Tac adhesive putty is that kids can use it on their own and it doesn’t ruin or mark our walls


Reader Response: What are some of your top budget-friendly back to school supplies that you buy for students?


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