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My all time favorite Tai Pei products are the vegetable egg rolls and the mini vegetable egg rolls.

When I buy a treat at the grocery store for myself, it’s usually the Tai Pei Vegetable egg rolls they are so yummy.

Frozen egg rolls are not all created equal. By far, the Tai Pei vegetable egg rolls are some of the best and freshest egg rolls that a person can buy from the grocery store. In fact, I used to make my own from scratch, but I like Tai Pei’s eggrolls even better than my own. The inside is full of vegetables, none are gritty and the inside is also savory with just the right juices to compliment the roll, and the sauce is sweet. There is not much preparation involved. I can  warm them up in our toaster oven. I enjoy eating the egg rolls best with a fresh tossed salad.

As a vegetarian, sometimes companies don’t make vegetarian options, but Tai Pei does. I can’t wait to try their battered green beans and edamame as well.

Tai Pei Vegetable Egg Rolls


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Tai Pei products are a go-to brand in my family, just like their tagline says, there is a “good fortune in every box.”  After seeing their products in my sister’s refrigerator, I started buying them myself, so I asked her about her favorite Tai Pei dish.

Chicken Potstickers (Interview with my sister Esther)

What did you like about the chicken potstickers?

Ans.- The soy sauce packet was delicious that came with the Potstickers.

How often do you buy Tai Pei products?

Ans.- I eat their products for lunch every couple of months.

You just mentioned that you eat Tai Pei products for lunch, why do Tai Pei products make good lunch options?

Ans.- I’m watching my weight and their products are the right portion sizes. I also like that they can be made quick and easy. The best part about Tai Pei products is that they taste fresh. They don’t have a frozen stale aftertaste. The food is delicious.

 How would you compare Tai Pei frozen entrée with other take out food?

Ans.- To me, Tai Pei food is quick and even better than going to an actual Asian restaurant to order the food because it tastes good and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Would you recommend Tai Pei products to others?

Ans.- Yes, definitely!

What entrées or appetizers from Tai Pei would you like to try next?

  • Cashew Chicken
  • Chicken Fried Rice
  • Mango Chicken
  • Ginger Chicken
  • Sesame Chicken
  • And any of their new Asian Garden products.Tai Pei Asian Garden Products

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This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Tai Pei® blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.