Sickle Cell Awareness and Prodigy Caesar Sant

Caesar Sant prodigy SCAWhile reading about four year old Caesar Sant, a four year old child prodigy, who has already suffered from 2 strokes, my heart aches for his parents, and I pray for his continued health. Knowing your child is suffering is one of the hardest lessons a parent can learn to endure. Then, it is even harder when you know that your child has an amazing gift that he or she can share with the world, but may be too sick to get a chance too.

To Caesar’s parents, I salute you, hang in there. Please continue to stay encouraged! I can tell you first hand that I know what it’s like to wake up through the night worrying about your child because he or she moved, seems wrestle, or coughs because your child is living with Sickle Cell Anemia and pain can strike their bodies at anytime. Although, there are times when we gasp to watch our children endure pain, so intense that only God and wipe it away, I pray that you will both stay hopeful, a cure will come for your son.

I am sharing your story today because no child should have to suffer.

Caesar Sant is 4 years old. He speaks 6 languages, started playing the violin at the age of 2, performs math on a 2nd / 3rd grade level, and has a black belt in Karate.

Unfortunately, Ceasar has experienced complications from having 2 strokes, a complication caused by Sickle Cell Anemia. The strokes caused his little finger to quiver as he bows his violin.

Caesar Sant’s parents are asking for a donation for him to have a stem cell transplant. In order for Caesar to have the stem cells he needs for a cure, his parents plan to have a child through IVF; instead of proceeding with the half match procedure where his dad would donate his own stem cells. They plan to use the cord blood stem cells to cure Caesar.  Through IVF with genetic pre-selection the baby will be born without Sickle Cell Anemia.

A stem cell transplant is one of the only cures that currently exist for patients who have Sickle Cell Anemia. Although having a stem cell transplant cures the disorder, it is not without pain and continued monitoring throughout the rest of the person’s life.

My heart and prayers are with you Sant Family! Stay hopeful.

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Caesar is one amazing child:

**PLEASE DONATE** (this donation is sent directly to through The Bone Marrow Foundation)

Donations by check can be mailed to the The Bone Marrow Foundation address below. Checks must be made payable to “The Bone Marrow Foundation” and have “Caesar Sant” on the memo line or accompanying note.

The Bone Marrow Foundation
515 Madison Avenue, Suite 1130
New York, New York 10022

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