The Value of A Child’s Name: A Learning Review

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* This is a sponsored post on behalf of Personalized Gifts for Kids.

name art gifts for kidsWhen you say a child’s name he or she will light the room with a smile as big as the moon. A person’s name is connected with their identity, their culture, their family etc. In fact, in some naming traditions around the world a child isn’t given a name until the child is born. Fortunately, for us today, our names don’t weigh as heavily, but teaching your child how to identify his or her name is very important for early learners. I believe, using Personalized Gifts for Kids’s products is a great way to help get any child excited about his or her own name. The gifts are quality and affordable. Personalized gifts begin at just under $10.

Educating your child with their products is also fun and informative. I love that the characters were fully customizable and I let my girls choose their own characters, they chose fairies and mermaids.


  • Personalized Gifts for Kids offers a variety of designs they you can choose from such as robots or angels.
  • They also have several products you can choose from such as bookmarks, name posters, placemats, name boards, plaques, pillow, and more.
  • Specifically the placemat we received helps keep the table clean, which is great for busy parents
  • The placemat is durable and my kids enjoy using it.
  • One of my concerns is that a 9 letter limit might not work for some kids with longer names or names with special characters

Name Art GiveawayUsing Personalized Gifts for Kids you can teach your child a variety of educational lessons.

  1. How to spell his/her name.
  2. How many letters his/her name has in it.
  3. How to write his/her name.
  4. How to sound out the letters in their name.
  5. The nameplate also helps children recognize all 26 letters in the alphabet as well as their names.

More activities that can be enjoyed using the Personalized Gifts for Kid’s placemat: 

  1. Use your child’s finger trace his/her name. This will help your child began to understand that letters and words relate to each other.
  2. Use a dry erase marker or erasable crayon to trace his/her name. This activity helps your child began to learn how capital letters are formed.
  3. Use creative objects to recreate his/her name on the placemat. This activity is valuable because it helps your child think outside the box and be creative. It is fun and will help them see the name on the placemat 3 dimensionally.

Some fun objects to use are:

  1. Cheerios (Perfect for younger children who still put things in their mouths)
  2. Legos
  3. Stones/rocks (great for older child)
  4. And more (be creative)

Reading Response: What are some other ways that can teach your child using a Name place such as the ones mentioned from today’s sponsor Personalized Gifts for Kids?

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 How to Order

Creating personalized placemats is an extremely easy process using Personalized Gifts for Kids website. I share the simple process below.

  1. Click “Get Started.”
  2. Enter Name (less than 9 characters)
  3. Choose a theme (Tip use the arrow to switch the styles even more)
  4. Then personalize the letter (change the color of objects, animals, etc)Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 6.20.43 PM
    • Tip – you can change the color for each letter or the entire set
    • 2nd Tip – Each letter can also be changed slightly  (for example one of the angels has a harp and the other a banjo)
    • Click Continue, and then “Click here to continue.”
    • You will see the name displayed and then you can choose the product that you desire most.
    • Click “View” and then “Add to cart.”
    • There you can proceed with checkout, add a promo code or enter a new name to purchase more personalized items.

Disclosure: * This is a sponsored post on behalf of Personalized Gifts for Kids. All of the opinions expressed are my own.

Personalized Gifts for Kids 

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