The First Timer’s Guide to Buying a Pram


*This Guest Post is courtesy of Kristine, a freelance writer.

If you are first-time parent and are considering the purchase of a pram for your baby, there are many important things to consider. First of all, the term, pram, is sometimes confused with the word, stroller. However, the traditional pram has a coach-style to it, and it is considered to be old-fashioned by many. However, traditional prams such as these are charming and useful, and many new parents like the idea of transporting their baby in a traditional way.

A genuine pram has a very wide hood that goes up, down and over a rather large frame. It also has over-sized wheels and a good suspension system, which means that the baby is going to have a soft, steady and enjoyable ride – with a good amount of room to stretch. It also has a padded mattress for extra comfort.

Aside from the comfort issue, there are many other reasons for a first-timer to buy a traditional pram. Prams are very easy to push and manoeuvre, and they are designed for very long walks on streets and in parks. In addition, the baby has a good deal of protection from the weather. The hooded area of the pram is perfect protection from direct sunlight in all seasons. The pram also protects a baby from wind, rain, snow and dirt because the pram is deep and cozy. In addition, the baby faces the person that is pushing the pram so that the care-giver can keep a fairly good and protective eye on the child at all times.

On the other hand, a traditional pram is not for everyone. For one thing, prams tend to be very expensive and they are only available in specialty and high-end shops. They are also quite large and tend to be rather bulky, which makes storage an issue.

They do not fold or scale-down to a manageable size for times when they are not in use, and they are not designed to use with in conjunction with public transportation or automobiles. Also, prams are not practical for older babies.

For those who want some of the features of a traditional pram along with the practical aspects of more modern strollers, it is possible to find pram-style stroller. They have a seat with a fact that can be reversed to face towards of away from the person who pushes the baby. They also have swivel wheels and the ability to fold, which means that they can go in and out of automobiles without problems.

if you would like more advice, there are many great blogs dedicated to reviewing prams, such as You can also find lots of detailed video reviews on YouTube.

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