Manage Mondays: How Can Parents Save Big on Utilities?

For moms and dads everywhere, utility bills are necessary evils. Those nasty little envelopes flood the mailbox around the first of each month and can drain a person’s bank account before they even begin to think about using the money for something else. In order to keep kids warm and with plenty of water, these bills have to be opened and then paid. The cycle is endless, because as long as you have a home to live in, you will have bills to pay.

In order to save more on monthly bills, parents need to focus on different ways to lower their utility bills. For each utility, there is a strategy to employ. There are ways to lower these bills for once and for all. This strategy will enable you to have extra cash each month and manage your utility bills effectively, especially when you employ some of these healthy, money-saving tips.

Source: 401(K) 2013
Source: 401(K) 2013

Manage Your Electricity Bill

You’ve heard of Google, right? Do your research and seek out the electricity companies that offers a fair rate per kilowatt used. Assess your utility supplier and if they’re not being fair, then it’s time to choose a better supplier. If possible, seek out a company that uses renewable energy sources, in order to save more over companies that burn oil, coal, or gas to create electricity.

Make sure your home is property insulated, as well as your appliances are energy efficient. If you go through your home and make it greener, you’ll not only be doing the environment a favor, but also your wallet. If you invest in energy efficient appliances now, you could end up with a tax credit, as well as long-term savings. Investing in CFL light bulbs and using fans instead of air conditioners are other environmentally friendly ways to save money on your electric bill.

Other ways to save include:

  • Unplug anything you’re not using
  • Keep blinds and curtains closed
  • Run appliances at night
  • Ask about fixed-bill, or budget payment plans

Manage Your Heating Bill

The best way to save money on a heating bill is to turn down the heat. Turn down your thermostat before you go to work, at least ten degrees. This will result in incredible savings. When you’re home, try keeping it a few degrees lower than you’re used to and employing the use of blankets. You can also turn down your water heater to lower this bill. If it’s cold, simply open some curtains and let the warm sunshine heat your home and consider wearing warm clothes.

Manage Your Telephone Bill

If you have both a home phone and a cell phone, it’s time to choose one or the other. Unless your home phone is used for business and can be written as a tax write-off, there’s really no reason to have two phone numbers. If you’re concerned for your children, it’s okay to keep a home phone. Just subscribe to the lowest plan available. There are phone plans beginning around $5.00 a month, when the phone is connected through VoIP.

You can save money on your cell phone bill by employing one of these helpful strategies, suggested by US News:

  • Reduce your data plan
  • Opt for a value plan
  • Download Skype, Google Talk, or another calling app
  • Bundle services
  • Consider pre-paid options

Manage Your Internet and Cable Bills

These days every family can justify an Internet subscription. Not only is the Internet useful for work and school, it’s also a way for families to connect without making long-distance calls. A great way to save on both an Internet and Cable subscription is to bundle these services. Unfortunately, cable television is a luxury, so if you’re getting behind and looking for one more way to save, this should be one of the first things to go.

If you feel a need to be able to view something on television. Consider a streaming player such as an Apple TV, Roku, or Blu-ray Player that will allow you to watch movies, or television shows, for a low cost.

This guest post was submitted by Samantha Peters, a contributor on the personal finance blog Paid Twice.  Sam enjoys writing about ways to ensure that your money is working hard and earning you the highest rates of return.  Sam lives in sunny San Diego, California where she enjoys life with her puppy Leona.

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