Cleverly Changing – A New Year, A New Beginning: What Can You Expect?

2013 is here. The fireworks have glittered the sky, the toast have be said, the resolutions made, and goals set. Are you ready for something new? Something inspiring, something that makes your heart want to sing aloud? I am. By nature I’m other-centered and long to assist others to make their lives better. On an on-going basis I need to know that what I do matters and has a place in the world around me. My blog gives me a platform to connect, learn, inspire, be inspired, and grow.

I started this Cleverly Changing in 2010 to find a since of community after becoming a first time mom. My children were about 2 years old and now they are 4. I have met many people through the blogging world and I come to find out many new characteristics about myself and others. My readers have grown and I have grown. After taking a blogging break to evaluate what’s in-store of 2013, I have decided to commit to post at least one thorough engaging post a week. I have taken on new responsibilities, and I have some previous responsibilities that continue to require my attention. With that said, will there be more posts than one per week? Yes, I will continue to allow guest posts from individuals and I’ll continue to accept company sponsored posts from time-to-time.

  • RECAP: New posting day for me will be Wednesdays.
  • What type of posts will you see on Cleverly Changing? More Do It Yourself options, which include recipes, health awareness tips, and crafts. I will continue to follow up with you about Sickle Cell Anemia and break throughs I learn about. I will try to post a Calendar at the beginning of each month so that you will know what to expect.
  • Want to Guest Post? If there are people who would like to become regular contributors, feel free to contact me. I ask that you include a cover letter, which explains why you would be a great fit on the Cleverly Changing team and how your content will benefit our readers.

Below is a short poll to find out what type of information you would like to see going forward on Cleverly Changing. The poll is less than a minute and will be used to help evaluate future content provided. I sincerely appreciate you as a reader. Keep reading and commenting. Thank  you all in advance!

What types of posts are you interested in seeing on Cleverly Changing?

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