Top Educational Apps for Preschoolers

There are thousands, if not millions of apps to choose from. Of course its hard to try all of the apps on the market and still get other things done. The great part about paid apps is that you don’t have to deal with irritating ads that are like ongoing commercials that won’t go away. Some of my favorite child-friendly educational apps are below.

*The recommended ages below are from my opinion and do not necessary reflect the age from the app creator.

Reading Rainbow App

This app in its full version is pricy but the app is well-made and a fun learning tool for kids. If my toddlers were creating this list, I am sure this app would undeniably be #1. They absolutely love this app. I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of this app. There are many great books for children to read. Many of the most popular books from generations are included and the videos are a high quality too. This app reminds me of my favorite learning show as a kid: “Reading Rainbow.” I’m happy that Levar Burton continues to dedicate himself to promoting literacy. This app is a great addition to your child’s learning library because you probably don’t want your child playing games all day, but learning to develop a love for books as well and this app will do just that–teach children to love books. The initial download is free, but a 6-month subscription to access more than 100 books and many videos costs about $29.99.
Recommended Age: 2-10

Topping the list at #1 is Brain Pop and Brain Pop JR App

This game shares a plethora of knowledge that continues to surprise me. The app shares educational videos, scripts, and explanations for health, science, world events, holidays, academic subjects, etc. The information is always relevant and exciting for kids. My children have learned about diabetes and its related causes, why voting is important, how o wash their hands properly, what proper and improper nouns are and much more. My kids choose this app as their all-time favorite and the topics frequently encourage family participation. The Brain Pop Jr. App is designed for children in grades K-3. This app is a great tool for classrooms and home.
Recommended age 4-10*

Hungry Guppy App

It’s important for children to create a love for Learning early in their lives. The Hungry Guppy app is an early math game designed by Motion Math. It’s slight different from Hungry fish because it uses both numbers and dots to help children learn the abstract idea of things representing amounts. For instance, the beginner level starts with 1 or 2 dots and the fish will have a number 2 on it. The fish will only eat the correct amount of dots,  as the game progresses the dots and numbers are interchanged  so children will be able to see that they are the same. This game is a lot of fun for you pre-school and elementary-aged children. The more your child plays the game the more options your child will unlock to be able to customize his or her guppy.
Recommended age 2-8

Musical Me! App

What child doesn’t enjoy music. This app by Duck Duck Moose introduces children to musical notes and their sounds. There are about 5 interactive fun games for your child to choose from. Some of the games are based on memory, which helps with your child’s cognitive development as well. Several notes are played and the child then receives a chance to play the same note sequence back in the exact same order. Overall, there are about 14 well-known child friendly songs. The character dance and play instruments, which delivers continual fun for children.
Recommended age 0-4+

Alphabet Tracing and ABC Tracing App

Kids are often fascinated when they witness their parents writing like its a rare art form, but I guess in some ways with the many technical gadgets we have writing is becoming less common. The Alphabet Tracing app is great because children have the option to trace both capital and lower case letters and also numbers as well. The ABC tracing App gives them an opportunity to enjoy learning how to form letters on their own. The two apps mentioned here are not made by the same makers. However, their function is ver similar. The Alphabet Tracing app is the only one that also teaches your child how to trace numbers as well. Both are fun and enjoyable for children.
Recommended age 2-5

Kneebouncers Computer App

If you have a very young child that loves tech gadgets one of the first learning apps that will help familiarize them with a good foundation is Kneebouncers. This app is great for preschools, everything your child touches will do something new and interesting. The app is very comprehensive for young children. They can learn and play with letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and more. The characters and bright and familiar for children. The animation is done well, so this is a quality app that any small child can enjoy. My children continue to enjoy and request to play with this app. This app is even available on both your computer and  on your mobile device. The best part of this app is that there are no ads, pop-ups or inappropriate links, children were in mind when the app was created and is a safe place for children to play.
Recommended age 0-4

Gracelink Christian Devotion App

My children’s spiritual life is important to me. Gracelink provides videos and audio of familiar bible stories that children can watch. Each story begins with a Bible Verse that he are she can set to memory. The videos bright and made to be appealing to children of all ages. The Kindergarten version contains the videos.

Recommended age 0-4
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