Finance Friday: FREE kids Sesame Street Finance App

Happy Finance Friday. I hope you are doing well trying to keep your finances in order. I’m sharing a free finance app (iTunes / Android Download) called “Achieve It With Sesame Street for young children.” The App offers applications lessons and games. It also provides tips and challenges that help reiterate important concepts. Not all of the lessons are finance related some encourage children to pick up their toys, clean their room, share songs, save money, check price tags, etc. After challenges are completed the child will earn stickers.

Sesame street created this app with PNC bank to help teach children between the ages of 3-5. They have free kits at PNC branches or you can order them by phone at 1-877-PNC-GROW (1-877-762-4769). (**Be sure to ask for the “For Me, for You, for Later”™ Kit)


“The free bilingual, multimedia kit includes a Parent and Caregiver Guide, a Children’s Activity Book, 3 Jar Labels, and an original Sesame Street® DVD that features Elmo, Cookie Monster, and their Sesame Street friends as Elmo learns the basics of spending, saving, and sharing.”
I also downloaded the app and shared a couple of the podcasts with my girls and it is a big hit in my home. Please let me know how you and your kids like it.


To find out more about the app, PNC, and other resources offered from their Sesame Street® “For Me, for You, for Later”™ Kit please click on the link.
I learned about this app from Mojo Savings. Thanks for sharing.

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