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A couple of years ago when my children were first born, I made up in my mind that what I place on my body, was just as important as what I was putting inside my body. Since then, I have learned a lot about unnatural preservatives and foam causing toxins that are commonly in soaps, lotions, shampoo, detergent etc, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). In many ways these chemicals are entering people’s skin rapidly by being absorbed through their blood stream and may be causing health problems.

What are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate?

Both are chemicals, which are created from inexpensive coconut and palm oils. Reported by the USDA “SLS can be chemically manufactured from naturally occurring coconut oil fatty acids, but these substances are altered to produce SLS…[In 1996 the EPA] evaluated emissions from soap and detergent manufacturers and identified three potential air pollutant concerns [which came from SLS and SLES]: odor (e.g., from the sulfonic acids and salts), fine detergent particles, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (e.g., solvents). source

What are some of the dangers?

According to SLS and SLES can cause Skin irritation, hormone imbalance, eye irritation, eye deformities, protein denaturing, carcenogenicity, etc. But how harmful these substances can be are debatable. Hense my personal approach is better safe than sorry.

The Juice soap bar from Hekalu Naturals

Instead of using products that contain SLS and SLES, which natural products do I rely on?

I simply adore Hekalu Naturals, a natural green product company that is specifically geared to help provide safe products for families to use. These products don’t come with dangerous warning labels, which may alarm parents. Instead the products are made from the highest quality and provide a sense of luxury, a soothing non-toxic fragrance. But most importantly, I am reassured that no parabens are present so I am not unknowingly harming my body.

Two of my favorite soaps from Hekalu Naturals so far are The Juice soap bar and The Silky Shampoo Bar. Although I really like store fragrances like Bath and Body Work and Victoria Secret, I can’t use their products because I’m allergic to the preservatives within them. Using these Hekalu naturals products are great for me and my entire family to use because they’re SLS and SLES free green soaps. Using their products is similarly to having a spa within your home. The smell from the soaps are cleansing and refreshing.

The Silky Shampoo Bar from Hekalu Naturals

What I like the most

  • The products are made with green environmental safe ingredients.
  • The products are home-made and crafted with both love and care.
  • The soap and shampoo clean well without leaving residue behind.
  • The website is clear and well-organized.
  • The soaps leave your skin feeling pampered.
  • The juice bar soap is great because it goes on smelling sweet, like a flower and rinses off fresh and clean.
  • The Juice Bar smelled almost edible and brought a smile to my face as I used it.
  • I used the Silky Shampoo Bar on my daughters’ after they we to a pumpkin patch and covered themselves with hay. I was pleased with the results. The shampoo left their hair moisturized but not oily. Their scalp was clean and didn’t require several washes.
  • The Silky Shampoo Bar also had a soothing effect to me and my skin as I used it. The minty and rosemary fragrance was calming, which I appreciated.
  • One of my daughters has dry course hair, so when starting new products I am usually worried about the after-effects, but with the Silky Shampoo Bar lathered well and was easy to brush afterwards.

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Hekalu Naturals product line has many wonderful scented soaps, lotions, and oils to choose from.

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