Robin Roberts’ Encouraging Words on her Transplant Day

Her words, resonated within me. “You have to change the way you think, in order to change the way you feel.” 

Robin Roberts shared these words on a video to her fans, today she receives her bone marrow transplant. The path ahead of her will be a long one, but as she continues to recover her fans will be at her side in spirit.

Even while she is trying to recover the 51 year old anchor women continues to encourage all of us. Her video almost brought tears to my eyes. We feel her pain and continue to wish her the best. She is an inspiration to women to never give up. Through her life she shares many clear messages, but a few that stick out to me are: continue to thrive. Continue to hone your craft. Continue to be authentic to who you are. Work hard and success will come.

Keep on fighting Robin, my mother use to tell her daughters that “The road often gets worse before it gets better.” Your road to recovery will have its ups and downs. Just hang in there and know that people all over the world are praying for you, we are rooting for you. We love the service you have given to your community all of these years and we appreciate you allowing us to learn through your struggles. You beat cancer in the past and you will beat MDS. You are fighter, a heavy-hitter that cannot be overtaken by disease. You have a purpose and every day you work to fulfill it by being an inspiration to everyone who is able to view your poise, words of wisdom, and consistent dignity.

Hang-in there and get well soon!



There is a fund raiser established in Robin Roberts honor to help Be The Match in their mission to obtain and match bone marrow with patients in need. The $5 wristband reads “Light, Love, Power, Presence,” which represents the prayer for protection for those facing illness.  There are 5 wristbands per package. Order yours today here.

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