June is National Safety Month

Is your family safe? Of course this is a general question, but an important one. We need to make sure our family is safe by ensuring our homes and environments are well equipped with the resources we need in case a problem arises.

Safety Questions:

  • Does your children know their phone number and address?
  • Does your children know your first and last name?
  • Have you installed smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Do you know at least 2 ways to exit each room in your home?
  • Do your children know that it is important to Stop, Drop, and Roll if they are on fire?
  • Have you taught your kids what to do in case their was a fire in your home?
  • Are your children aware that firemen and women are helpers when there is trouble?
  • Do you and your family have a fire escape plan in place? Visit the US Fire Administration for Kids for games and other resources.
The South Metro Fire Rescue has a cool video on Vimeo that you should watch with your kids before you develop your fire safety Escape Plan.

For Kids, February 2011 from South Metro Fire Rescue on Vimeo.

Resources to empower:

Image Credit: vichie81, freedigitalphotos.net

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