Barbie Touch n Teach Learning Globe

The Touch N Teach Learning Globe encourages young children between the ages of 3-6 to learn more about Geography and the world we live in. The overviews and information provided is general but will keep your child interested.

According to Immanuel Kant “All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.” While children are young they must learn by stimulating their brain by actively using their senses, as they grow older they then take that information and learn how to make sense of it. By learning how to apply the knowledge they’ve obtained through reasoning their intellect is born and they grow. Hence, the Touch N Teach Learning Globe can give a child a tactile head start.

What I like Most

The globe encourages children to learn. It sets a foundation for children to realize life and nature expands beyond what their eyes can see.

The Globe is only a general review of the continents listed and will not make your child a geography genius, but the information shared is desirable and enlightening so I’m glad that we have this toy in my home.

Pictures are displayed on the screen, which helps children remember more because they are not only using their senses to hear, they are using site, and touch as well.

What would I change?

It’s a little too touch sensitive, so the globe doesn’t always read the correct spot when touched.

5 Teaching button Tools

  • World Animals (Monkey) – Reports general facts about animals native to the region your child touched.
  • Sites (Camera) – Provides information about well-know tourists attractions or each particular region. The facts are only regarding popular well-known places.
  • Meet and Greet (Barbie) – Tells you how to say “Hello” in various languages such as Hindi, Swahili, Hawaiian, Portuguese, French etc
  • Geography (Airplane) – L
  • Food (Apple) – Shares favorite meals found around the world. Also states fun food facts about certain places.

How do my 3 year old girls feel about this globe?

My kids like it, but wish the globe was not pink.

“This was not a paid or sponsored review”