Jon Whiles,

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

“Vrmmmm….”, the consistent background noise of the spring, since before I can remember. My dad is a NASCAR fanatic; he knows all the antics and the reason behind the chaos of the sport. He can talk to you for hours on end about how each motor is made and each drivers plan to be the champion. As for me and my mother we would rather hear the light sound of music as we lay by the pool as warmer weather pulls itself in. Dad is entirely too obnoxious during this season we always need an outlet to normalcy after we have been hypnotized into the circular motion of the track. My house becomes a split house, women vs. men, each day that passes; it is a constant fight over the television. My father came up with an instant solution to call Arizona Direct TV. They had more to offer then just his drowsy sports channels, but plenty of music channels for us to tune into as we splashed into summer. Our house is now not in an uproar, due to the silenced cars.

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