7 Reasons I Love Being A Mom of twins

Source: Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotos.net

I love being a Mom of twins, I really love spending time with my girls and learning about their likes and dislikes. Most of all, I enjoy watching there curiosity in action. I feel like being a parent is a special honor and privilege that was bestowed upon me. Here are 7 reasons I love being a mom to twins:

1. Mom of twins = Double the love.

At first having twins is hard work. When you bring your little ones home for the first time it is overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, you have the double hugs, kisses, and smiles which makes every moment worth it.

2. They learn from each other.

Sometimes, it just works out that when I teach one child a new skill the other picks it up too. When one of my daughter’s learned how to walk, she was so determined to get a Popsicle that she started walking because she wanted it so badly. When her sister saw her she followed behind teetering and tottering to be the first. It was the same when they learned how to read, my other child saw how much fun her sister was having so she developed an eager desire to learn too. She listened to her sister and now both of my children are reading.

3. The lesson of sharing with others is quickly learned.

Sometimes I joke with myself because my kids had to learn how to share in the womb. They had to learn how to occupy the space in my belly peacefully so that they both would grow and thrive. Now, they have extended that lesson with their toys and other things that they use together.

4. They learn empathy and compassion quicker.

I have never seen two siblings as loving and caring as my twins. They really love each other and care about how the other one feels. If one isn’t feeling well and crying, the other twin takes time to find a way to express concern and try to make everything better.

5. They were born with a playmate.

Of course, my girls love when Mom and Dad join in and play games with them, but most times they are content with the company of each other. I am so thankful that they have each other because it gives me an opportunity to be more productive in my day.

6. I developed extra patience being a Mom to twins.

The calmer I am when dealing with my girls the calmer they are. Sometimes children don’t listen, but when you have two that are the same age, you have to learn quickly how to combat twin power. By learning how to handle their tandem crying with a little patience, you learn quickly how get to the root of the problem and decipher their needs and fulfill them. As a result I have learned how to have more patience with others around me.

7. My multitasking skills sky-rocketed.

Now that I am a mom, I am more productive than ever. Of course, I am busier because there are tons of distractions, but I learned how to think on your feet quickly, how to be more flexible, and how to work around the clock. I usually have several projects going on at once, so with my time I have to be deliberate, I don’t have to to even consider procrastination so now I am more accomplished. Thanks to my twins I have developed a new skill set.

At the end of each day, I feel like I am one of the luckiest women in the world. I feel richly blessed and highly favored to be a mom of twins.

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