FunBites Review and Giveaway


My girls and I were so excited when we received FunBites cutters. The possibilities of creative edible treats are endless. FunBites are  a great way to get children to eat without giving them constant reminders to eat their food.

FunBites Pancake Smile

This past Sunday morning, my husband woke up and fixed our family breakfast. While the cranberry pancakes were a sweet fluffy golden treat on their own, FunBites, food cutters made our breakfast even better. He arranged the pancakes as a smiling sunshine happy face, which really brightened up our morning.

2 To Choose From

There are two FunBites cutters available: Cube It! and Luv It!, (which offers several geometric shapes like hearts, triangles, squares, etc.)

Easy to Use

FunBites were made for ages 3 and up. My 3 year-olds love helping out in the kitchen and using FunBites is a safe and easy way to let them participate. Once you’ve placed the FunBites on the food, press down, hold both sides and rock it back and forth. Viola! An instant creative tasty treat.

FunBites Luv It


Strong and sturdy, FunBites are made with durable material that will last for many years.


FunBites do not contain BPA.

Easy to Clean

Mild soap and water cleans FunBites as good as new.


FunBites Cube It

I asked my 3 year-olds what they liked about FunBites and they said:

“I like them because they make my food look pretty.”
“They make my food taste better.”
“Hearts are my favorite.”


Buy It

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