Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Men

Maybe its for your husband, boyfriend, brother, father or just a friend; it can be hard shopping for a man. Here are a few suggestions that wont break the bank.

A $20 Custom made shirt

Mordern Tailor is offering custom made shirts to new customers for just $20 (about $29 after taxes and shipping).  This price is hard to beat for a normal shirt but the best part is its custom made based on measurements you provide. You can also customize the shirt for a small additional cost and add monograming and custom fabrics.  Click here to get a shirt.


Not all guys like tools or even use them but if the man you are shopping for could use them check out Harbor Freight. If you sign up for their newsletter there are frequently promotions and coupons available. A word of advice before you buy a tool make sure he does not already have one.  If there is a location near by you can also take advantage of coupons from their retail flyers.

Video Game System

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can be very expensive and the games can run as much as $50.  For the gamer in your life you can get used games and gaming systems at reasonable prices from places like GameStop.  The best part is there are warranties available for these preowned systems so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or not working Christmas morning.

Neck Tie

Now this one might seem very generic but some guys will appreciate a nice necktie.  Check out, they carry not only ties but also pocket squares and tie bars.  They have a wide selection of conventional ties as well as bow ties and knit ties.

This post was written by my husband, I guess he was giving me a break and a couple of hints too :-). Thanks babe.

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