10 Tips to Kill the Procrastination Beast and Be Productive

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A 24 hour day sounds like a lot, but once it starts time races by. Regardless of if  you are a parent or not, you may feel like your day ebbs away too fast. Here are a couple of tips to save your precious time, kill your procrastination, and help you become more productive.

1. Plan your day. Create your todo list, either on paper, or electronically. Making a list gives you a chance to organize your thoughts.

2. Envision completing each task. Yes, visualization is extremely helpful, if you can’t see yourself completing it chances are you probably won’t make time to do so. I am sure you have heard that your mind is powerful, so let your thoughts help serve as a foundation for your motivation.

3. Rank the tasks. Order the items that you need to accomplish by the amount of time it takes. By completing the easier tasks first you will gain momentum as you accomplish your goals that will help you feel better and accomplish the harder tasks. Sometimes, we get stuck trying to fulfill difficult things on our to-do list, the discouragement can even cause us to quit without completing anything.

4. Do the most work when you can be the most productive. If you are not a morning person don’t plan to do the bulk of your to-do list in the mornings. You may make better use of your time staying up late finishing and then sleeping-in in the mornings; either way, know yourself and when you work the fastest.

If you are a parent with children, trying to do the bulk of your work while your children are awake will be difficult so wait until they are asleep or being watched by someone else.

5. Start your day right. After you wake up take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and read a daily devotion/ something encouraging to get you started in the right frame of mind. By doing these things you will be more focused. It will also set the mood for your day.

6. Remove all distractions. Watching TV may be a crutch for you so try not to turn on the TV on if it will hinder your focus. Skype, Twitter, and Facebook may be a distraction make sure that you don’t turn on these media outlets if you need to lend your time to something else. Turn off the ringer on your phone if you are not expecting an important phone call.

7. Use technology to help you stay focus. Disable pop-up on your computer to eliminate some distractions. Set up calendar reminders, you could also use your phone to set up reminders, if you plan to use your phone make sure the alarm is on so that you will be notified.

8. Set realistic goals. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself, be honest by how much time it will take you to complete your to-do list.

9. Be accountable. Put pressure on yourself to be accountable, if you don’t stay on track with something work related; use your leisure time to catch up. As time progresses you will not won’t to lose any of your personal time, so you will feel forced to get things done in the time you have allotted.

10.  Set reasonable deadlines. Drive yourself to be productive. Deadlines help you stay guided, focused, and on the right track.

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