Manage Monday: How to remove A Crayon Stain from Wood

With children around, crayon stains inevitably find a way onto various household surfaces and can be a pain to remove. I feel like I have spent days cleaning crayons off of the wall, refrigerator, etc. Today, I tried several remedies I found online to clean crayon stains off of wood and here is what happened.

Lysol Wipes

First, I tried cleaning the surface with regular lemon scented lysol wipes.

Result: surfaced smelled like lemons but the green and orange crayon marks were still present.


Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner

Next I tried Pledge’s Multi-Surface Cleaner, which cleaned the surface, but left the stains.


Rubbing Alcohol

I googled “how to remove crayon stains from wood” and one suggestion that I read was try rubbing alcohol or non-oily hairspray. The result, just a shiny sticky stain.


A regular school eraser

Desperate to remove the stain, I remembered that I had an eraser in my pocket. Viola, I pulled it out and erased the surface clean. I am not sure if it will work for you, but it worked well for me. Check out the before and after pictures.



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