Manage Monday: Fun Spring Cleaning Tip (Clothing Swap)

Clothing Swap - We are wearing some of our new items

Last week one of my friends invited me to a clothing swap.  The clothing swap was hosted by one of her friends.  I really had a great time, so I am adding it as one of my spring cleaning tips.

Here is how it worked

  1. Everyone invited brought several clean gently used items. This swap wasn’t limited to just clothes, it included accessories like shoes, purses, belts, coats, jewelry, etc.
  2. The clothes were laid out on the floor. Similar items were placed together; for example, all of the long sleeve shirts, shoes, coats, skirts, etc were together.
  3. One person per season was designated to hold up each piece of clothing, describe it, and then state the size (and at times offered suggestions on how to wear it). Last she asked the group “Who would like to try it on?”
  4. Light refreshments and snacks were also available.


  1. People made good suggestions about what looks great on each person. Sometimes, you need a friend to help you decide what works and what doesn’t. I actually returned home with some wonderful new pieces and one of my old outfits paired in a new way that I had not thought of before.
  2. Having a swap like this is a great way to recycle, meet new people, and get good advice on what looks great on your particular body type. Everyone was polite and honest.
  3. It is a free way to update your wardrobe or find some classic pieces.
  4. Most importantly, it was fun.

Things to keep in mind if you decide to coordinate one

  1. Try to bring a variety of styles; for instance, try to include both casual and dressy attire.
  2. Keep in mind the clothes that you already own and what new pieces will mesh well with your wardrobe.
  3. Keep in mind the look that you would like to achieve.
  4. Try to attend a clothing swap with a variety of people that are similar in size, the more people the better because you will be able to cover more size ranges.
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