Manage Monday: Toy Storage Ideas


It is amazing how much and how fast kids accumulate their own pile of “stuff” like toys, stuffed animals, books, crayons, etc. At the end of the day, you may look around your house and the entire house may resemble a Little Gym or game room for kids. With twins we had our share of trouble trying to determine which item is suppose to go where. Now, I have storage areas for all of their little  knick-knacks. Included below are some storage ideas that I have tried or considered.

  • Baskets – Woven baskets are great because they are inexpensive and provide your child with easy access. They are light weight and can be relocated easily. The downside is that many do not have a lid and are not easily stacked one on top of the other.
  • Mesh Laundry baskets – I have seen several that have cute character faces on them.  Like woven baskets, they are light weight and cute, but are better used for lighter toys such as stuffed animals. The advantage is that they can be moved from room to room easily and are very inexpensive. Stacking is usually not an option.
  • Plastic containers – Many containers range in sizes.  They usually are easily moved, stacked, and are cost effective. Aesthetically they don’t look that great, but they get the job done.
    • Flat plastic containers – are a great option because many will fit under your child’s bed so toys can be hidden when not in use.
  • Traditional Toy Box – A big box definitely will provide a home for toys. Actual designated real wooden toy boxes or durable heavy plastic storage boxes are usually expensive when they are made well and of a decent size. They last a long time and most take up a considerable amount of space. These boxes look great and are customizable. If you know someone that could make you one reasonably, that would be the best deal.
  • Bench Toy chest – Dual uses, can be used for seating and storage. Perfect option if you have the space and need extra seats where your child can read.
  • Ottoman storage container – Looks great and is functional.  The prices vary depending on the quality. These boxes can also be usedin the common areasof your home and no one would know their contents.
  • Storage bins – There are many storage bin toy container options on the market.
    • What comes to mind first is the shelving units that contain several storage bins, the downside to this option is that the units are not usually very deep and your larger toys will have to find another home.  It also will be difficult to hide the containers contents. This option is great if you have a room that is solely devoted to your child/children.
    • We have a great storage unit from IKEA (pictured) that holds toys of various sizes and has a top that we can use to display other toys for them to play with. The price was reasonable and my children now take the initiative to put their toys back where they belong.
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