Best Bargain Thursday and Savings Tip

Today, I have decided to share with you my best bargain for the week. Honestly, I am not a big shopper.  Whenever I go into a store, I usually have to bring my girls along with me and although my girls behave well, I try their patience by spending way too much time in the stores.  So, I am very proud of this week’s purchase because I spent less than 30 minutes in the store and came out with two items that are both practical and were under $2 each.  Check out my bargains… Cardinal Industries Dora The Explorer Game House.

The game house is a wooden storage box and comes with 7 games sets.  I mainly purchased this Dora storage box to keep my daughters hair bows in it. The local thrift store that we like to shop at was having a half off sell. When I went into the store this box immediately caught my eye.  The outside is in terrific shape, but it doesn’t have all seven games that is why they only charged me $1.50 if I committed to buying two, and I did.  I feel like it was an super deal because plastic hair bow boxes would have cost more even at a discount store. the boxes are cute and have dual uses.  This is without a doubt my best bargain of the week.

If you found a great bargain this week and you would like to tell me about it, please do.

Savings Tip: Don’t be ashamed to go into thrift stores, sometimes there are good deals just waiting to be found.

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