Today I Feel Worn Out, Potty Training Is No Joke!

OK, I stated that I wasn’t going to buy anymore diapers.  Hopefully, I won’t be regretting my words because potty training is no joke.  Today, I had to mop 3 times and scrub my rug.  I already have a long list of things to do.  In the midst of cleaning up after them I wondered and I just pushing them too hard? Nope, my children definitely are ready, but am I?

Before my last post, I was looking for something that would light a fire under me so that I would be consistent and potty train my girls. Elle, takes off her diaper or pull-up after it is wet and refuses to put on another.  Em, is so excited about wearing big girl underpants that she doesn’t want me to put diapers on her either. She also acts like her bottom is on fire if she poops in her diaper. They also enjoy letting Mommy and Daddy know that they need to be changed.  Yes, they literally say, “Change me.”Apparently, they are extremely ready, but why do they keep having accidents.

Ha, go ahead and laugh.  I am still a new Mom and I need to vent about this. I know they are young and it takes time, I just wish the moments were more blissful. I am still resolved that this potty situation will not get the best of me.  The problem is that my girls don’t want to stay put on the potty long enough to take care of their business. They recognize the need to go, they even stop, look at me, and then look at the potty and go.  More than once I have seen this slow motion drama play out.

I am also trying to reward them, but if they are having trouble sitting still they will never reap the benefits of my rewards.  Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that I will have a success report to share soon because I don’t know how long I am going to survive these tiring days.

All the best to the Moms who are struggling with potty training!

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