7th Annual Sickle Cell Walk (1st ReCap)

Stomp Out Sickle Cell Walk CleverlyChangingBeing able to attend the 7th Annual Stomp Out Sickle Cell Walk (SOS) meant so much to me. It gave me renewed hope for my daughter’s future. Hope in knowing that I am not fighting this battle alone, and together we will stomp out this disorder in all communities. My hope is that Sickle Cell Disease will not be the end of our children and family members, but that one day there will be no more pain, the cases will be reduced significantly because future parents will be empowered with information, and an easier cure will exist for those born with this genetic disorder.
I want publicly say thank you to everyone who has made the Sickle Cell cause their own. I pray that we will continue to fight this disease together.
For all of us parents who are praying over the health of our children, remember “You are not alone, side-by-side we are standing praying for our loved ones together.

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Stomp Out Sickle Walk Interview Interview with a health professional, Orpa, who joined this year’s SOS walk:

Questions & Responses

1. What was the best part about being able to participate in the 7th Annual Stomp Out Sickle Cell 5k Walk?

The best part of participating in a the walk is knowing that I can make an impact on a very important cause.  As a nurse I’ve taken care of various patients in full crisis. Giving time and money towards research in support of a cure is well worth my efforts. In addition, running, jogging, talking and walking with friends was quality time spend towards better physical and emotional health.

2.    Did you participate as an individual or with a team?

We participated as a team. I signed up with my trainer – Trey Douglas from Health and fitness 4 You, as I understand his mother has Sickle Cell. I wanted to show support, there were about 8 or 9 of us including 2 small children.

3.   What would you like the community to know about Sickle Cell?

Sickle Cell is a hereditary blood disorder by which flattened red blood cells become unable to carry an adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The ‘sickleling’ of these cells present many complications, constantly irritating the vascular system and organs. Treatment of this disease is geared towards managing the symptoms but as of now there is no cure.

4.    Why would you encourage everyone to get involved with this cause and join the fight to help stamp out Sickle Cell throughout the world?

Thus far Sickle Cell research has enabled the life expectancy of persons suffering from this disease to increase from mid 40’s to 70’s. That is indicative of successful treatments.  With all the technological advancements we have access to, the world of research is infinite. Many people of African American descent are affected, locally I am glad to see genomic research is being conducted in places like NIH and Howard university. The more awareness is brought to this problem, the better chances we have of finding a cure.

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