Book Review and Giveaway: Risk (Quest for Truth Series) By Brock D. Eastman

Brock D. Eastman did not disappoint with Risk his 2nd book in  his Quest for Truth Series published by Focus on the Family and P&R Publishing. I patiently anticipated the arrival of Risk to hit the shelves and when I started reading I couldn’t wait to find out if the Wikk children would see or have any contact with their parents.

Book Review Brief Recap

Risk is the book that follows Taken in the Quest for Truth Series.  This is a wholesome series about children on a journey to find the truth an help rescue their parents who were kidnapped by the Ubel. The Ubel is a mysterious group of soldiers who are trying to take over the world and need the Wikk parent’s help. The Wikk parents are well-know successful archeologists who have four children. Their oldest son is only a teenager, but is forced to become the “head-of-the-house” after his parent’s capture. The story shares all of the challenges he faces in his new role and how he is learning to become a man and make the right decisions. You can read my book review of Brock’s first book in the series called Taken. Risk is an action packed Christian Science Fiction novel, which has all of the elements needed to be an enjoyable, provocative, and thought provoking novel.

There was one section of the book I was eagerly anticipating, during the kid’s last journey they meet a blue boy named Obbin who seems to disappear in the last novel. Risk reveals what has happened to him. It also further develops the characters and their personalities and takes you on a fanciful ride. The book is well contacted and inter-woven. It becomes just as face-paced as the last novel and helps the reader develop new questions that will hopefully be answered in the next book.

What did I think?

No doubt about it, I was totally engaged. I even purchased both books for my nephew to read, hoping that he would be as engaged as I am. The books are well-written and definitely geared towards teens and preteens. Risk develops the anomaly of  “Truth” even more and begins to open up more about Christian views, values, and God. Risk was perfectly titled, fully developing the theme of God as our protector, regardless of the risk that we may encounter.

Without being a spoiler, I have to say that Risk helps the reader develop a sense of compassion for each of the Wikk children. Each of them have very different personalities, which are becoming more and more pronounced as the series progresses. The series definitely go together and do not stand alone. If you want your teen to be on the edge of his or her seat, pick up a copy today!

I’m looking forward to the release of Unleash this Winter (2012)

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