Review: The Skinny on the Vtech’s Innotab Just in Time for the Holidays

Vtech Innotab

I was so excited when my children received their Innotab. I could not wait for them to use their own tablets because I was ready to get my iPad back. If you are considering an Innotab for your child, I want to share with you how it works and what we think of it. As of today, we have had the Innotab for about 2 1/2 months. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section of this review.


1. 5″ Screen. At first the size sounded small, but it is the perfect size for children.

2. Rubber sides. Definitely discourage your child form dropping the unit, but my child have and the rubber sides help absorbs shock when the unit is dropped. So far the Innotab is still working well without any problems.

3. Tilt screen. Works in numerous directions, which is similar to the iPAD.

4. Stylus. Comes with a stylus, but it is not necessary for use. The stylus is not attached with a string so keep an eye out for it.

5. Headphones/earphone slot. Some parents hate noisy toys, but Vtech has given two solutions to remedy this problem. One remedy is volume control and the other is a built- in earphone slot so you can purchase headphones/earphones and let your children enjoy their toy without disturbing you.

6. SD card slot for memory expansion – I wanted the Innotab because it allowed children to download their own pictures, movies, and songs (.mp3) via an SD card. This feature is great; especially, if you don’t want to go out and purchase apps and games right away. Also, make sure that you insert your card into your innotab first and them move them into the folders that the Innotab creates otherwise your songs, videos, and photos will not be viewable on your Innotab. The SD card is inserted through the battery compartment on the back of the Innotab.

7. One year manufactures warranty. Just remember to keep your receipt and proof of purchase.

8. Easy Learning Path Set-up – If you are getting this for your child’s Christmas present, I recommend that you set it up before you wrap it and place it under your Christmas tree. Set up is simple as long as you follow Vtech’s prompts. I use a Mac and I didn’t have any compatibility issues.

9. Free V-coins – When I downloaded and registered my Innotab, I did not get any V.Coins. After further research I have found out that V.coins are a one-time gift that VTech provides when you register. You cannot earn V-coins for playing games.

10. Comes with built-in activities.

  • E-Reader – So far we have one book : “What’s That Noise.” The e-reader is wonderful because the books are interactive. Words are highlighted as they are read. Pages turn with a touch, similar to a tangible book. Touching objects in the picture makes the pages/objects come alive. There is also a built-in story dictionary, which helps children learn new words.
  • Games – We have two games: Pinball letters, and Ice Escape. Pinball letters helps children learn spelling, coordination, and strengthens their fine motor skills. The Ice Escape game teaches problem solving skills and is a fun game for younger children to play.
  • Art Studio – There are many fun tools children can use to change and create. Some of the tools are cars to make tire tracks, Picture stickers, rainbow swirls, a tube of butterflies, etc. This app is fun and amazing. So far it is one of my favorites. Your child will enhance his or her imagination and their creativity when playing this game.
  • Music and Video– The Innotab has only one song built-in, but you can add your own mp3 songs with your SD card (remember the songs have to be placed into a folder created by the Innotab). While the song is playing, the song’s name, remaining time, and a variety of geometric shapes and designs appear. Videos will need to be converted to .AVI format and then you can use the “File Manager” to upload it onto your card into a folder that was created by the Innotab.
  • Calculator – Typical calendar, but is useful to have around. Shake the tablet and the calculator’s numbers shake as well.
  • Notes – Perfect for older children, and for parents who would like to leave notes on it for their children. This is perfect for to-do list, reminders, and encouraging messages.
  • Color & Pop – Very similar to the coloring apps on other tablets. Works like an electronic coloring book.

Room For Improvement

1. Battery Usage. I first started using rechargeable batteries and I have to recharge them every day. With my rechargeable batteries I only get about 2/3 hours (at the most) of continual use out of the Innotab.

2. The back of the battery compartment is flimsy. After a week of use my children dropped the tablet and we have to tape the back close. I recommend that Vtech make the back screw driver accessible only or coin accessible so that children will have a harder time opening it and breaking it because they are constantly needing to insert new batteries when they get frustrated with the poor battery usage problems.

These are just a few of the activities and tools that the Innotab offers. The Innotab is perfect for long car rides, fun at home, and enjoyable activities while on vacation.

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