7 Reasons Why Gifts Cards Make Great Gifts

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I really like gift cards; in fact, they are some of my favorite gifts to give and . However, someone once told me that gift cards were not personal gifts, but I totally disagree and below are 7 reasons why.

Have you ever looked at something in your house someone gave and thought, “I wish they would have bought me something else?” Are you keeping it around just because it was the thought that counted even though, you really don’t want it. I have, and I know many of my friends have too. Recently one of my friends told me that she donated many of the wedding gifts she received to a local shelter, which was nice of her and her husband, but it would have been better, in my opinion, if people would have decided to give them gift cards instead.

7 Reasons Gift Cards Make Great Gifts!

1. No expiration date. Most gifts cards don’t expire so they can be used or even re-gifted for years to come. When in doubt about what to get a person, I always opt to get them a gift card. Mainly because they can use the gift card to purchase something they really want or really need.

2. It’s practical. I don’t like junk lingering about around my house so I prefer for people to just give me a gift card so that when a need arises I can purchase something. Surprisingly, when I do make a purchase I think about the person who bought me the gift card. In fact, we have some monogram towels in our house that was purchased with a gift card we received when my husband and I were first married. Each time I see the towels, I think of the person who funded them.

3. Extra discounts. Many stores often have special discounts when you purchase one of their gift cards worth at least a certain amount. In turn, you are saving money and still giving the person you are thinking of a fabulous gift they can use. There are even sites like Plastic Jungle that offer gift card discount to some of retail’s most popular stores.

4. Almost available anywhere. Gift cards can be purchased at so many different places, which makes them some of the most convenient gifts that you can buy. You usually don’t have to go out of your way to purchase gift cards because many online stores, grocery stores, and drug stores sell hundreds gift cards to other stores such as restaurants, clothing stores, and even Visa and American Express prepaid gift cards.

5, No outrageous shipping charges. Shipping items is expensive. I often cringe when I see how much people paid to send a gift in the mail. It would have been much more cost effective to send a gift card instead and given the person chance to purchase something on their own. Often, people could give you more on a gift card because they know that shipping is only the cost of a stamp or an email if they choose to send a virtual one (like gift cards for Amazon and Ebay).

6. Earn rewards or cash back. In some case you can get double or numerous discounts when you purchase a gift card. For instance, if you are shopping with a credit card that earn reward points you will receive their reward. If you are shopping at a store like CVS, which gives their customers about 5% back to shop in their store you are earning more rewards. Always read the fine print if you see a gift card ad special, but usually their are many great deals that stores are offering regarding gift cards.

7.  Customize it or choose a fabulous design. To make the gift card personal choose a cute one that conveys the message you want the person to receive. Also think about where the person loves to shop and get the card for their favorite store or a store that they shop at frequently. For people with a new baby I recommend a gift card to Target, Amazon, and Walmart. Theses stores are sure to have items that they can use in the future. Many stores will also let you customize them now that they are so popular, but if you have doubts that the person loves the store, just choose a card that you think is fitting for the occasion.

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