Can Moms Do It All?

Creator Ambro,

Recently, there has been a lot of air time given to mothers who seemingly are able to do it all. I however am stunned when I hear mothers say they work 60 hours per week, raise their children, spend time with their husbands, volunteer, take care of home, and blog 10 posts per week as well. Additionally, I must add that some of these “do it all Mommies” also have nannies and/ a strong support system because without help these women would probably not be able to wear the “do it all” hat because something would be sacrificed. At any rate, hats off to these mothers!

I confess, I would love to have a nanny and a stronger support network, but between my husband and , we manage happily. Don’t get me wrong, if there are any volunteers out their who want to guest posts, or come clean my house, just let me know. There are days, when I have to take a break and give my girls my undivided attention. We read, rest, and relax. I continue to remind myself that I am a stay-at-home mom because I want to devout my attention to raising my girls into beautiful successful women who fear God. After times of high stress, where my body is pulled in too many directions I reevaluate and ask, “What is really important in my life,” and at the end of the day my family always tops the list.

So if you are a “do it all Mommy” please enlighten the rest of us. I have a couple of questions:

  • Who cooks for your family? Do you have a hired cook, concierge service, order take out, cook a couple of meals and freeze them?
  • Do you ever turn off your black berry and computer?
  • Do you give your children baths and do their hair?
  • Do you clean your house yourself, have a maid, or have a super tidy family that puts everything back in place?
  • Do you wash your families’ clothes?
  • Do you exercise?
  • When do you sleep?
  • Do you find time for romance?
  • Do you worry about becoming burnt out?
  • And one last question, are you happy?

To all of the other Moms like me who are willing to admit it, we in fact, cannot do it all, kudos to you as well. Let us not compare, but revere each mom’s position and roles we have decided work for us and our families. Overall,  one of the greatest challenges I have encountered is parenting. I have also learned that sometimes I have to unplug and most of all prioritize and use my time effectively.

Readers response: How can mothers really do it all? Do you think they can?

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  • No way! No mom can do it all. And in the ancient times no one ever did. Support was a community thing, today we have nannies and cleaners and whatnot. Same thing, just in a different uniform. Doing it all is the quickest way to burn out and it leaves you as a person, neglected and unattended.

    Personally, I work and 8 to 5, as does my hubby, but add 1 hour and 30 minutes for the commuting he does each day. We have a domestic worker, which is sort of a given in South Africa (we are spoilt). She does the cleaning and washing and ironing and plain and simple cooking for the evenings which is kept warm for when we get home. I don’t cook so we do take aways and pre cooked foods over weekends.

    BUT in my house it is always a rule that we keep the house neat, and our domestic keeps it clean. So everyone packs away whatever they were busy with. Each night before we go to bed, the house is tidy. I take care of our 2 year old myself, mostly. But with 2 areas of studies, I have to deligate some evenings to my husband or a relative.

    • elle

      Thanks for visiting my site again. You are definitely blessed to have the help you do. In the US, I feel that there are times when many Moms like to pretend that we are doing it all by ourselves: “holding up the fort” almost alone. While, on the other hand other Moms are peering into the “do it all moms” lives trying to emulate them and achieve perfection, which is impossible. We owe it to ourselves to be honest. Thanks again!

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