Happy Mother’s Day

photographer: Gianna Snell

Dedicated to my Mom who taught me that perfection isn’t always necessary, but LOVE is.

“Because of You I Fly

Your love for me cannot be matched,
your care and selflessness will never be forgotten
From you I learned true devotion.
You taught me to walk by holding my hand steady
You taught me to talk when my little voice was ready
Because of you I now soar, over mountains, clouds and storms.
I fly above the hurdles of life that could take me captive.
My wings lift me and thrust me forward,
some risk I take effortlessly
and glide through life taking in the beauty, feeling the breeze through the trees,
learning and growing.
I fly, never letting go or losing sight of my goals.
I fly, learning to accept the ride with love.
Although at times, I take flight but stall and fall
Because of you, I fly, standing tall again and again never giving up.
Mom because of you I’ve learned to fly.”

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