Sippy Cups (Part 3) Mighty Grip Trainer Cups

This review is not a sponsored post, it is based on a products I purchased on my own and evaluated.

As your baby grows, finding the right sippy cup will be important to help him or her become ready for a handless child-size cup. This post is part 3 of my sippy cup series.


Munchkin Girl’s BPA Free Mighty Grip Trainer Cups 8 oz

I purchased these cups from Babies R Us because I saw that they had a soft spout and were cute. Below is how they held up to my must have  7 features test.

No spill sippy cups

Munchkin claims that these cups are leak proof, but they are not. I noticed that the spout leaked a little, shortly after we purchased them. In addition, milk sometimes leaked from the side of the spout where the plastic and silicone meet. However, I will admit my children were about 6 of 7 months of age when I first offered these cups to them and they were also teething.  The leaks are not massive, but still annoying because they shouldn’t leak at all.

BPA Free sippy cups

These cups do not contain BPA, are not made of hard plastic, and are dishwasher safe.

Easy to hold sippy cups

The cup has side handles that will allow almost any child to hold the cup up.

Easy to clean sippy cups

I never put these cups in the dishwasher, although it probably would have been OK (the package says they are dishwasher safe). The cup is wide and easy to clean by hand with a bottle brush.

Small spout sippy cups

The spout is small and silicone, which is great for a first-time training cup. It also makes the transition from the bottle easier because the material is similar. When I saw these cups at the store I thought they would be wonderful. The spout was soft and large, which I figured was perfect for breastfed children, However, I also think that the soft nipple was a bit of a problem too because my kids thought chewing on it would ease their teething pain. If you decide to use these cups, you may need to purchase replacement spouts often if your child is teething.

Large enough

This cup holds about 8oz so it is satisfying without a need to be refilled constantly.

Longest range of usage

I would only keep these cups for a couple of months. The cups do not have a travel top to go over it so when you need to leave home you have to keep them in an upright position to avoid spills.



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