Review: Potty Time With Bear (DVD)

If you are looking for a good DVD to introduce or reiterate to your child how to use the potty and go to the bathroom “Potty Time With Bear” is an excellent DVD. The DVD doesn’t just focus on going to the potty, the DVD is very descriptive in the words they used. I really like how the bear explains as he talks, which is similar to how I try to teach my children at home. The bear is very positive and has a soothing voice. The characters are likable and fun to watch.

The bear calls children that go to the potty “Tolieteers,” which is a cute and cool name. The name makes a child feel special, older, and apart of a unique group. The DVD brings up core values that your child needs to learn to be successful at potty training or other things. One of the values mentioned is PRACTICE. Practice is not exclusive to potty training. The bear tells children not to give up and the songs are catchy and likable. I recommend singing the songs to your child when he or she goes to the potty. One chorus I really like is “You gotta keep at it, give it all you got.”

When teaching children about going to the potty, the bear repeats the steps below and encourages children remember each one.

He tells children to:

  • Listen to their body and don’t wait too late.
  • wipe
  • flush
  • wash hands

It also mentions what children should do when they have to go to the bathroom in a  new/unfamiliar place. Overall, the DVD alone will not teach your child to be successful at potty training, but it will reinforce concepts that you want him or her to learn.

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Here is the Good-bye song from the DVD so you can get an idea of what the characters are like.


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