Oh My, Not Today

Today is my daughters’ birthday.  I can hardly believe that they are two years old. Happy Birthday babies! With all of the happiness that today brought into our home, it was overshadowed by a moment of pain.  OK, it should not have been that painful, but things kept getting worse.  To my husband, “Babe, I

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Forever Grateful

Everybody’s life is different. We all have good days and days that could be a lot better, but overall we must be grateful.  No matter what has happened in our own lives there is always someone that has a situation or circumstance that is worse than ours.

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Truly Thankful

God is very gracious to me and my family.  There are many obstacles and lessons that we have learned from and overcome.  I can remember the days my husband and I shared before we became parents: we worked and played hard. However now, our lives are so much more fulfilled.  It is hard work trying

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