I am a blogger, speaker, educator, wife, and mom to twins. After becoming a mother I have learned to realized that life is short. In the past, I use to analyze everything and everyone, but as I grow, I accept that loving others is what really matters in life. Through my blog I am sharing with you the love I have for my husband, my children, and myself. I am on a mission to cleverly help empower and uplift others so you too can enjoy your life and live freely.
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How to Shop For School Tax Free

How to Shop For School Tax Free

I can hardly even believe that we are preparing for school. Spring was completely consumed by the pandemic, so it was hard for me to write a back to school post about how to shop for school tax free, but ...
Careers for Nurses | Essential workers

8 Highest Paying Careers for Nurses in 2020

Nursing is a stable profession that’s in demand everywhere. In fact, there are many different careers for nurses. However, one thing with nursing is that pay rates can vary wildly. It depends in part on your level of education, but ...
Homeschool Hints Video Series | Guest Vanessa Hartmann

Homeschooling Within Nature

During Episode 7 of our Homeschool Hints Video Series we spoke with Vanessa Hartmann from @VanessaHolisticLiving on Instagram. Vanessa is a wife and mom to one son who is 7 years-old. Some of the key takeaways from our conversation was ...
Sustainable Fashion from Shop Gypsy Freedom

What Do You Think of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is one of those popular buzz words floating around the internet, but when it comes to fashion it does have an important meaning. Personally, when I think of sustainable fashion, I think of clothing that is well-made and durable, ...