Movie Review For Trafficked A Parents Worse Nightmare

Trafficked a movie that all parents of teens and preteens should watch

What would you do if your child was missing? What would you do if the only way that you could find them was to high a $20,000/week private investigator with no guarantees? The new movie Trafficked is based on a true story, and answers these questions about the Bolen family who woke up to a nightmare on Sophie Bolen’s birthday.

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The movie pulls at any parent’s heart because it is a parent’s worse nightmare to all of sudden have no idea where their child may be located. The movie shares that between 700,000 and 900,000 people are trafficked each year.

About Trafficked the Movie

TRAFFICKED is the story of Allison Riley (Sophie Bolen – THE HORSE DANCER, RODEO GIRL), a beautiful young girl with a bright future and a dream of becoming a veterinarian. On the eve of her 16th birthday, she sneaks out of her house to meet a handsome boy she met online, and disappears. Her parents Joanna (Kristy Swanson – BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF) and Case (Mark Boyd – WHIP IT, “12 Monkeys”) contact the police who assume that Allison is just out with a boyfriend. They reluctantly hire Private Investigator John Belton (Dean Cain – Lois and Clark, GOD’S NOT DEAD ) who has a reputation for making his own rules. Belton quickly discovers that Allison had likely been trafficked by the young man she met online, and that he’s on a race against time if the Riley’s hope to see their daughter again.

Trafficked a movie that all parents of teens and preteens should watch

How was the movie Trafficked?

Every parent should watch Trafficked and talk to their child about the dangers of blind dates, sexting, online dating, and leaving home without your parents. The movie is horrifying and truly an absolute nightmare, but the events are real and the movie could potentially save a person’s life and be preventative.

Although I feel that the movie was slow and actors seemed like novices on the big screen, the message out-weighed the theatrics. I believe that the movie makes it clear that anyone’s child could be trafficked. Overall it’s the message that makes Trafficked a good movie.

Trafficked a movie that all parents of teens and preteens should watch

Recommended Viewing Age

This movie is definitely for kids 13 and older. There isn’t visual sexual content, but it does clearly discuss sexual behaviors that may not be suitable for younger viewers.

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