5 Travel Destinations for Creative Christmas Holidays

5 Travel Destinations for Creative Christmas Holidays

It usually seems somewhere at the beginning of winter that there is plenty of time until New Year’s Eve. In fact, time flies fast, and very soon, the most pressing question will be “Where to go on holidays?”

Christmas holidays offer great opportunities for all students to go on a trip and celebrate the New Year in a new interesting place. This is also a great time to reboot and gain strength before the new academic year.

To refill one’s energy, you need the right place, the right activity, and the right company.

For those who prefer to plan their holidays in advance, we have gathered the best holiday destinations for every taste and purse.

Decide with whom you want to spend your holidays, and we will tell you how and where to celebrate Christmas.

Wander Through the Nice Streets of Wroclaw

Before Christmas, beautiful and cozy Poland is dressed in festive attire.

Wroclaw is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with wonderful architecture and beautiful bridges over numerous canals. The city is considered a perfect respite for students. Christmas holidays give students more time to see experience and enjoy culture firsthand by way of spending time in nature and participating in indoor activities.

Plenty of youngsters reside there. The entertainment is in accordance – here you will find active nightlife, will all kinds of bars and discos. During the Christmas holidays, there is a lot of fun, everybody makes wishes. Some say those are granted soon.

By the way, if you made a wish to have your coursework written in your letter to Santa Claus, you can just throw it away. Better turn to credible services like EssayPro and have yourself some calm and refreshing holidays’ time! Forget about annoying essays and term paper writing and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Admire the Northern Lights in Reykjavik

Locals believe that the louder a holiday is celebrated, the happier the year will be.

In Reykjavik, there is really a lot of noise: music and songs do not stop until morning. Every New Year’s Eve, the main town square becomes the epicenter of all fun. A big fire is lit up here, which serves as a powerful heater, among other functions.

A few hours after the main event, the salute volleys will stop, but the sky will not darken. It will become only more beautiful thanks to the magnificent northern lights – a spectacle that is worth all the long way to Reykjavik.

New Years Eve in Istanbul | image credit packaged tours in Turkey
New Years Eve in Istanbul

Get Away from Trouble on the Yacht

While everyone passes the last exams, take your closest friends with you and book a yacht for New Year in Turkey or Greece.

A sailing yacht without a crew is a cheaper option. Another way to save on a dream is to join a cruise or a party on deck: they last for a few hours and cost like common excursions.

Rent a scooter on the first day of the year and set off on a New Year’s Eve trip to the most beautiful beaches.

Christmas in Salzburg
Christmas in Salzburg

Make a Fairytale Come True in Salzburg

New Year in Salzburg is a classic winter vacation. Shimmering strings of lights, bunches of Christmas tree toys and large wreaths decorate the city since early December. In any of its alleys, you will feel like in a real Austrian fairytale.

The Domplatz and Residenzplatz squares are home to some of Europe’s best markets. It’s not just about pretzels and mulled wine, but also about the sense of seclusion that appears in the high mountains.

On New Year’s Eve, buy Bengali lights in one of the fair houses and spend Christmas night listening to the bells of the Salzburg Cathedral. The next two days are more than enough to get around the historic city center, and after that, you can head to a nearby ski resort.

5 Travel Destinations for Creative Christmas Holidays | tree
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Unrestrained Fun in the Czech Republic

Czechs know how to have fun and love holidays, so they start celebrations at the beginning of December!

Traditional Christmas holidays include St. Nicholas Day on December 6, then St. Lucia Day a week later, and later on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The city is brightly decorated with garlands, a fair opens on Old Town Square, but the magic is snow on the New Year’s Eve in Prague!

Wrapping Up

Traveling is the best way to instill some real New Year’s mood. Give yourself a break and have a holiday.

Enjoy some good rest and start a new year with renewed energy!

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