October 2017

St Jude and Regina Belle

St. Jude is Committed to Helping Sickle Cell Patients

Have you heard of the Divine Nine? Prior to becoming a St. Jude Ambassador, I didn’t know about the Divine Nine. These nine phenomenal fraternities and sororities are affectionately known as The Divine Nine because of their commitment to community outreach.” The nine historically Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs) make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council, […]

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Prepping the Home for Baby

When women are pregnant, it’s natural for them to want the home ready for a new baby. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first one or the fourth, it has to be done. Late in the pregnancy, there is a stage known as “nesting” when moms-to-be have that urge to be sure that everything is ready.

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nerve cell

Addictions and Health

Opioid Addiction Is a Real Medical Problem and Condition. We can’t ignore the effects of addiction across the US. It is a chronic medical condition affecting millions of families each year. The use of opioid’s to treat many medical conditions affects how the brain thinks. It also affects how the body reacts to pain addiction.

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